Krunoslav Nerad had his first contact with electronic music by the late nineties. The musical consciousness that appears in that time has occupied him in the full sense of, not only word, but sound as well. The great wave of electronic events in the new millennium, at the beginning of 2000s, marks all that will happen in the next twenty years or so. For Krunoslav, it was listening and capturing the beat. During his high school education, Krunoslav and his group of friends were musically inspired by hip hop. At that time, the first amateur radio station of Technical High School they attended had opened. That radio station was what encouraged his interest in DJ-ing. After visiting the first electronic music events in his hometown, he became enamoured with electronic music, but more precisely, the techno sound.

His public debut as a DJ was in 2006 on a local TV station in the electronic music show Nucleus, where he first presented his musical selection which was inspired by both international and national names in electronic music. Getting into the House style, under the pseudonym Housejaxx, he is getting into, for him, a new and unexplored area of musical selection, which has, in following years, profiled him as a temperamental DJ  behind the decks. Recognized for his originality and quality by a local electronic music event organization agency Esaa Association, he got to his first residencies in clubs such as Valinor and Scotch and a residency at a Graffiti festival in his hometown. He also had performances in surrounding towns where he became a synonym of a quality “underground” sound, which at that time started to become more and more popular on the local scene.

Various collaborations with local associations and electronic events organizations offered him to perform with Croatian electronic music masters and with names from abroad, so he was able to show his sound in its entirety. After several years of active work, in 2009 he cooperates with a German-Croatian electronic events organization Expressed Movement. He had his first appearance outside of Croatia in Neuraum Club in Munich 2011. That same year he changed his stage name to Jaxx Pot and with it continued his journey through electronic music scene as an organizer of electronic events, with performances in other cities in Croatia, and guest appearances at local radio stations. During years of activity on the local scene he went through various styles of electronic music, but in the past few years he has held on to “progressive house” sound, which has always been present in his music, but never entirely. With this, the search and the defining phase of what he wants to present to the audience on the dance floor has ended. Still, he hasn’t closed himself in a safe sound zone, as the story goes back to the beginning and techno, which he decides to experiment with.

As a result of his stylised and technically improved series of studio mixes named Confessions, in 2012 his music started to play at radio stations abroad. It’s not rare for his music selection to be broadcasted at Los Angeles based Proton Radio. In 2018 he debuted in shows E-Motion and VS Show. Similarly, his progressive selection played on MixOne radio in Argentina.

By the mid 2017 his first Ep called Life in poetry was published by a Croatian label Abandon. Working with Hatar, they formed a new production project Hatar&Keuno. That same year, under a recording company A must have, his second Ep called Sunset vision came out featuring many Croatian and regional musicians.

Events history


15.01.2023 @ Radio Party4us – Doppler Effect

18.02.2023 @ Club Rupa – ESAA Clubnight


16.04.2022 @ ESAA Club Night – Easter Edition, Rupa (Slavonski Brod)

28.05.2022 @ ESAA Club Night, Rupa

29.07.2022 @ Poloj (ESAA Nights Open Air edition)

20.08.2022 @ Graffiti Fest (Slavonski Brod)

10.09.2022 @ Poloj Open Air w/ Marko Felinger

29.10.2022 @ Club Rupa – Halloween

11.12.2022 @ Radio Party4us – Doppler Effect

23.12.2022 @ All Night – Club Rupa

30.12.2022 @ HRT Radio Split (Jezgra)


14.08.2021 @ SPiD, Slana Voda (Oriovac)

21.08.2021 @ Scoop vol. 3 , Poloj (Slavonski Brod)

25.08.2021 @ Proton Radio, VS Show (1pm New York time)

27.08.2021 @ Poloj “Open Air”

28.08.2021.@ SB Graffiti Fest (Slavonski Brod)

11.09.2021@ “Pozdrav Ljetu”, Poloj

08.10.2021 @ Matanovi Dvori (private movement, SB)

04.12.2021 @ PROSTOR (private movment, SB)


01.01.2020. @ Club Cezar NYE (Slavonski Brod)

22.02.2020 @ Club Cezar w/ Astralis

06.03.2020 @ Club Rupa, Party s Razlogom (Slavonski Brod)

15.07.2020 @ Dunav Art Festival, Hotel Lav (Vukovar)

17.08.2020. @ SB Graffiti Fest


06.04.2019 @ Klub Rupa (Slavonski Brod)
20.04.2019.@ VIP Club, w/Christian Bonori & DJ Jock  (Slavonski Brod)
24.08.2019 @ Klub Rupa (Slavonski Brod)
31.08.2019 @ Graffit Fest (Slavonski Brod)
07.09.2019 @ Gren Forest (Gunja, Croatia)
13.09.2019 @ Prohibition Bar (Slavonski Brod)
21.09.2019 @ Club Mexico (Slavonski Brod)
31.10.2019.@ Prohibition Bar, Halloween (Slavonski Brod)


04.03.2018 @ E-motion Show w/ Pacco & Rudy B(Proton Radio)
09.05.2018 @ VS Show – Proton Radio
11.07.2018 @VS Show – Proton Radio
01.09.2018 @ Graffiti Fest(Slav.Brod/Croatia)
14.09.2018 @ VIP Club terrace w/E-Base & Yakka
27.11.2018 @ Techno Doza w/ A.Paul
08.12.2018 @ Club Mexico (Slav.Brod/Croatia)


10.03.2017 @ IQ Club Slav. Brod w/Yakka
17.06.2017 @ Club Rupa
21.06.2017 @ Fortress Slav Brod(world music day)
26.08.2017 @ Graffiti Fest(10th anniversary)
28.10@ Valinor w/ Expressed Movement
23.12.2017 @ Valinor w/ Pacco

27.03.2016.@ Easter W/ Dj Jock / Valinor /SB
06.05.2016 @ Underground /MEXICO CLUB/SB
04.06.2016 @ Graffiti Fest / SB
10.06.2016 @ Caffe Gaga / SB
04.08.2016 @ Aloha Beach Bar / Poloj /SB
09.12.2016 @ 10th Anniversary,  w/Kristina Lalić, IQ Club Slav. Brod

28.02.2015 @ UES Mag on tour w/ Ivan Komlinović / Valinor
30.05.2015@ SB Graffiti fest (Slavonski Brod
19.06.2015 Summer Grooves @Valinor
14.08.2015. Bitchblack, Dubrovnik, Croatia

14.02.2014 @ Salvador Dali
22.02.2014 @ Leggiero bar (City Colosseum, Slav. Brod)
07.06.2014 @ Graffiti Fest (Trg Hrvatskog proljeća bb, Slav. Brod)
27.06.2014 @ Valinor (Slavonski Brod)
19.09.2014 @ Vinkovačke Jeseni / Slavonia Reunion/ Stadion NK Cibalia (Vinkovci)
31.10.2014 @ Valinor / Halloween night w/ Seraphim codex
25.12.2014 @Valinor/ X-mass Night w/ Torres

16.02.2013 @ Kavana Mala(sb)
22.02.2013 @ GEM (sb)
08.03.2013 @ Kavana Mala(sb)
29.03.2013 @ GEM “green light grooves”
30.03.2013 @ Dvorana mjesnog odbora Mali Pariz (sb) Easter party w/ petar dundov & fabian jakopetz
05.05.2013 @ dvorana Vijuš (sb) w/ŠARK Pegaz
17.05.2013 @ LAKEDANCE (private movement)
25.05.2013 @ 6. SB Graffiti fest
22.06.2013 @ SRC Poloj (sb)
27..07.2012 @ LAKEDANCE (private movement)
24.08.2013 @ F-Club (zg)
31.10.2013 @ Salvador Dali “Halloween” (Slav. Brod, Croatia)

29.11.2013@ Underground F-Club (Zagreb)
06.12.2013@ Salvador Dali (Slav.Brod)
25.12.2013@ salvador dali X-mass w/ ESAA Association

17.02.2012 @ bastion (osijek) w/ marco bailey
11.03.2012.@ dvorana Vijuš (Pegaz open)
30.04.2012 private movement

23.06.2012 @ SRC Poloj open air
30.06.2012 @ 5. sb graffiti fest
28.07.2012 @ SRC Poloj
11.08.2012 @ SRC Poloj w/ petar dundov
25.08.2012 @ caffe-disco Alter Ego
01.09.2012 @ SRC Poloj
08.09.2012 @ caffe-disco Alter Ego
22.09.2012 @ caffe-disco Alter Ego
05.10.2012 @ Salvador Dali (ELEKTRANA)
20.10.2012 @ Kazamat, Tvrđava Slav. Brod
31.10.2012 @ bastion (osijek) w/ petar dundov
02.11.2012 @ salvador dali w/ miss soulfly
22.12.2012 @ Horoskop (sb, croatia)
31.12.2012 @ dvorana Brod(sb, croatia)

21.01.2011 club Navigator (sb) w/ mr. d.j. dario
29.01.2011 @ private movement
19.02. 2011 @ Capitano bar(sb)
26, 27.02. 2011 Capitano bar(sb)
04.03.2011 @ Salvador Dali (sb) w/ marc times
26.03.2011 @ GEM bar (sb)

24.04.2011 @ Capitano bar (easter w/ E-base)
24.04.2011 @ Salvador dali (special back 2 back guest mix w/ electric boogie)
21.05.2011 Neuraum Munich w/ eelke kleijn
03.06.2011 @ Salvador dali (sb)
18.06.2011 @ SRC Poloj (sb)
23.07.2011 @ ŠRC Poloj
20.08.2011 @ ŠRC Poloj (sb)
03.09.2011 @ SRC Poloj (sb)
29.10.2011 @ NightClub “Scotch”(sb)
03.12.2011 @ Ram (Kutina)
17.12.2011 @ Vanilla (vinkovci)
25.12.2011 @ Salvador Dali (sb)